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There is only ONE thing that can make your business successful.  Do you know what it is??  YOU!!  You are the X Factor.  Your business WINS or LOSES with you.  I know this sound cliché but it’s SO true!  If you are an entrepreneur or coach that is trying to grow and scale your business, your business lives or dies with you!  Let us help you WIN!  In Jake’s book he gives you the lessons he learned on his journey building 8 companies in 6 years.

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Missing pieces in your Leadership

Leadership is the most UNDERRATED skill that you must have to be SUCCESSFUL in any aspect of your life!  In this book Coach Jake teaches you the entire process from A – Z on how to elevate your leadership, helping you build better relationships, build an unstoppable dream teams, and help you get raises/promotions and generate more income for your business. 

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Coach Jake has always been passionate about helping people become the best versions of themselves.  He is certified life coach and a modern-day business and leadership growth strategist. He provides a full-service step by step system that helps clients achieve rapid personal and business growth.

When he was just 26 years old he bought his first company and within  6 years built 7 more!  COVID-19 made him realize he has so much value that he could give to helping people tap into their potential and achieve success.  He immediately pivoted, wrote his best selling book, and now is helping people like you achieve their personal and business goals through his step by step systems.

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