6 Tips to help you find your passion

If you are struggling finding your passion you are not alone. Most people want to live their passion and even find themselves talking about it but do not know how to define it or where to start when trying to live their passion.

One of the problems with talking about passion is that passion is found in your heart, not your head. Just thinking about your passion may give you a little excitement but doing your passion is where the magic really happens.

Let me say that again, passion is found in your heart, not your head. You must experience your passion to get its true affect.

The problem is that everyone does the same thing each and everyday and gave up on their dreams long ago. Yes, they may talk about it from time to time, but they believe deep down that they cannot create a life where they get to live and work in their passion.

Well I am here to tell you that I believe in you and know that if you want to live your days working with your passion then it can happen! Imaging getting up everyday excited to go to work and working on the things you love. Life would be fantastic!

If you dread going to work every day, it is well worth finding your passion and putting in the effort to do it for a living. Imagine if it took you one or even two years to turn your passion into your career would it be worth it?

Also, keep in mind in 2020 most passions can be a career. Whether its online gaming, basket weaving or life coaching. The internet makes it so easy to connect with like minded individuals. Anyone can create their passion if they are willing to put in the effort.

Here are my 6 tips to finding your passion

Tip #1: Where are you the most confident

If you are confident in something it is because either you are naturally talented, or you have done it repeatedly. Both can lead to your passion.

When you do something repeatedly you start to become better at it. As you get better at it, it builds confidence. The only things you are willing to repeatedly do over a long period of time are things you love doing. Therefore, confidence may expose your passion.

On the other hand, sometimes we are born with natural talents. There are just things we are naturally good at. I would recommend turning over some stones, because I believe there is a reason you were given those natural talents, and it could lead to your passion.

Tip #2: Try new experiences

Trying new things always leads to learning something new. Sometimes you learn things you like and sometimes you learn things that you do not like.

One of the best things that comes from trying new experiences is that new opportunities will come your way. Finding a new opportunity that is aligned with your passion can be a match made in heaven!

Tip# 3: What do you love to talk about, read about and think about?

When you get together with other people, what do you find yourself talking about? I know for myself; I find myself talking about politics and personal growth.

These are the topics that really light a fire under me. When I find someone that is willing to talk about either of these topics then I can talk for days.

When your laying in bed what thoughts come to mind that get you excited? Try to sift through and see if your passion comes out.

If you are a reader, what do you find yourself reading? What topics give you goose bumps? What things make you want to get out in the world and change your life?

Tip 4#: Where do you want to live and why?

Sometimes when you ask this question your passion will be highlighted. Every location has different cultures, different weather, different resources and different population. Its hard to be a farmer in the big city and if you love the outdoors and the sun, it is hard to start your clothing line living where its only summer two months of the year.

Like trying new experiences in tip 2, moving to a location that plays to your strengths can really allow for you passion to come into fruition.

Tip #5: When in your life were you most happy? Why?

Get a piece of paper and pencil and take 30 minutes to write down the times in your life that brought you the greatest amount of joy and excitement.

Look for patterns and see if there is anything concrete that you can pursue. You may remember the time you were asked to coordinate the office barbecue. Or maybe every year when you walk around the parade of homes and see the new home designs.

Each of your experiences may bring to light your passion and give you the motivation to pursue it.

Tip #6: Slow down and figure it out

Sometimes we are so busy in life we cannot slow down enough to see what we need to do to make us happy. There are so many distractions in life. Most of us work full-time and have a family. Those two things can easily fill up our days.

You must be proactive in finding your passion. Proactive is taking action and making your life happen, not letting your life happen to you. Your passion is not going to fall into your lap. It is something that must be pursued and found.

Once you find your passion, make sure you push as hard as you can for as long as you can to make your passion a daily reality. There is nothing worse than living a life you in regret because you were not willing to pursue and act on your passion.

I hope you found inspiration reading this blog, please let us know which tips helped you find you passion.

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