6 Tips to staying focused to achieve your goals

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

I am one of the worlds most focused people, and I am arguably one of the most goal oriented. How my wife has stuck with me this long is a mystery.

My days are completely planned out and are planned to be productive. I am here to win, and I require a lot from myself and I know the best way to SUCCEED is to set goals and structure each of my days.

But even me, someone who is obsessed with progress still gets distracted. Life is full of things that help us NOT be focused. Its kind of like nutrition. If you want to be healthy you can, but there is a McDonald's on every street corner! So, it is just as easy or even easier to not be healthy than it is to be healthy. And its not that there is some special secret to getting healthy. Its pretty easy, diet and nutrition. But is it really that easy with all the distractions?

Life is the same way. I believe achieving our goals has a formula, and its not overly complicated. But even something somewhat simple can become overly complex with all the distractions. Customers have developed so many great products and make it so easy for us to be accessible to them.

We can surf on Amazon all day with enjoyment of window shopping! Then when you decide to buy something, in some cases it can be on at your door the next day and you do not even have to leave the comfort of your own home. We have Netflix at our fingertips. Why would would we go out and work on our dreams when the latest season of our favorite TV series is released.

You have 24 hours every day. And when you think of that it seems like, wow that is a lot. But then you take away 8 hours of sleep and 8 hours of work. You now have 8 hours left of “free” time to spend time with your family, cook dinner, hobbies and Netflix. And after working all day who wants to work more?

Becoming a focused goal-oriented individual can really improve your life. Achieving comes through goals and when you achieve you really start to see your life improve. Your relationships will improve, you will start to advance in your career and your life will actually become simpler.

Tip #1: Life must have a balance

One of the biggest mistakes I see and have done myself is being so focused and goal oriented that my personal relationship and quality of life start to diminish. Life is meant to be lived not managed. You need to learn to enjoy the little things.

You need to be ok with working on your goals, but you must also be ok with spending time with your family. You must be ok spending time on your hobbies.

Sometimes being too focused is the actual cause of not being focused or not being productive with your goals.

Tip #2: Write down your goals

If you have never written down your goals, then you are missing out on the most import part of goal setting. Writing down your goals creates accountability, clarity and makes your goals real.

Passive goal setting allows for the goal to slip through the crack, and if not the entire goal it will definitely allow important details of the goal to slip through the cracks.

This creates ineffective results with goals and creates frustration of why you cannot achieve your goals. Sometimes its as simple as writing down your goals and tracking your progress that makes the difference as to whether you will achieve your goals.

Tip # 3: Meditate

Like the first tip, sometimes the problem is putting to much effort and information into your brain. As much as you want to succeed, there is a point you hit where your mind and body just cannot effectively work.

Meditation is the perfect practice to help bring your body and mind back to present.

Try sitting in a quiet place. Relax your hands on your knees and start with a deep breath. Focus on your breathing and let all other thoughts leave your mind.

Tip # 4: Daily dose of motivation

This is one thing that really helps me find motivation to act. I think that finding motivation is a struggle that lies with everyone.

Find what motivates you and plan a time everyday that you spend 5 minutes soaking in the motivation. It may be motivational YouTube videos. It may be reading self help books. It may be reading motivational quotes.

Whatever it is that you know motivates you, set a time aside every day and get your daily dose of motivation

Tip #5: Take a break from technology

The average American screen time in 4 hours per day and the average time on the phone is 6 hours per day.

Do I need to say unproductive?

If you add up the 4 hours per day that is 28 hours per week! That is more than 3 workdays!

Imagine if you put that time to good use pursuing your goals and your dreams.

Tip #6: Find an accountability partner

Having a method to hold yourself accountable is key to your success. Much like writing down your goals can help with self-accountability, having an accountability partner has someone else holding you accountable.

There is really nothing else like it in the world to find someone with your common interests that you can work together with on your goals.

If you can find this person then you are well on your way to staying more focused and achieving your goals.

Make sure you share you goals with each other and commit to daily or weekly progress.

How do you plan to stay focused so you can achieve your goals? Will it be to reduce screen time or maybe find an accountability partner?

Leave your comments below on which strategy you will use to stay focused so you can achieve your goals.

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