How to accept and embrace change

Updated: May 12, 2020

Change comes in two different forms. The first kind of change is the hardest to deal with. It’s change that happens to you. Some outside force inflicts change upon you whether you like it or not. This is change that you do not have a choice in. For example, let us say your boss comes to you and says that you must switch from day shift to swing shift. You really do not have a say in what happens.

The second kind of change is the kind that you’re involved in. This is where you have an opinion in what happens, when you and others come together and make a united decision. This change can still be difficult because it is still something different than you’re used to. But this one is easier because you had a say in what you would be doing, and you can mentally prep for it.

Both forms of change can be difficult. It is obvious that change that you do not have a choice in can be more difficult to endure.

We do not like change because each one of our days is the same as the day before. Over a long period of time we get very used to our lives. Change is the unknown; it is slightly more difficult than just doing the same thing we are used to.

In our minds there is no risk associated with keeping with the status quo; it is the safe play. We don’t realize that not changing is risking our future and unlimited possibilities.

When trying to adapt and accept change, keep these things in mind.

Change is the only constant

As much as you want everything in your life to be the same, the world has a way of continuously changing. The weather changes, friends change, roads change, and people change.

The world is never the same from day to day. Try to realize that you can be a part of the change or you can let change happen to you.

What can you control?

If I were to ask you if you were a controlling person, what would you say? A high percent of people are. One thing they do not realize is that most things in life cannot be controlled. When we try to control things that we have no say over, it usually turns into a high emotional wreck.

Some things happen whether we like it or not. So try to be better at realizing what is out of your control so you can handle it better. Do you really want to let something you cannot control determine your life and your happiness?

Opportunities come through change

One hundred percent of opportunities come through change. If you want a better life, change. If you want a better relationship, change. If you want to make more money, change.

Your life only gets better through change. Get a piece of paper and pencil and write down the things in your life that you want to be better. This will be a great foundation to help you deal with change.

Prepare your emotions for positivity

When you are trying something new, you must prepare your mind. If you go into change with the mindset that it is going to be horrible and you are going to have the worst experience ever, then you are more likely to have a bad experience.

If you prepare your mind that change can be a great and positive experience, then it becomes more likely.

Much like positive affirmations, if you tell yourself that you are happy and positive, then you can close the gap from where you are where you want to be.

Progress equals happiness

Progress does something for you. When you progress in life you feel a sense of fulfillment. It brings you the feeling of confidence. Life with these feelings promotes happiness.

We all want to be more confident. We all want to be more fulfilled. These happen through progress and progress can only happen through change.

Find your purpose

Finding your purpose gives you motivation to create something amazing in this world. It helps you be a part of the change. You choose to change rather than have change happen to you.

When you have a purpose in life and something happens to you, you shrug it off and keep moving forward because of your purpose. Your purpose in life will create a reason for living and a reason for pushing through change.

Learning how to accept change is paramount to your happiness and success in life. As difficult as it may be, you risk much more of your life by not accepting and growing with change than by simply accepting it and moving forward.

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