How to create a high performing team

If you have ever been in a leadership position this blog will strike home. Each and every leader must go through the ups and downs of leadership when trying to get their team to be a high performing team.

Unfortunately, most leaders can’t get their teams to be a high performing, what I call the Discover stage of a team, where you finally discover and tap into the team’s full potential. Most leaders can’t get passed the Drama stage and stay there for most of their leadership. The drama stage is the worst stage to be in and it’s the stage where you get the least out of your people. And yet most companies as a whole are here and stay here for the duration of their existence.

So if you want to learn some quick tips on what you can do as a leader to get your team out of the drama stage and on to the discover stage just follow along.

Stage 1 Dream-

In the dream stage you are a new leader. You have big hopes and dreams to become a great leader and lead a great team. You are starting from the beginning, so you must define what the goals and expectations are. You must talk to the team as a team to help them all see the goals. In this stage act as if you are a teacher and you are defining what the school year will look like.

Your team members will listen because the situation is new and they won’t want to create too many issues or any yet. At this point no one on the team will understand what the vision is.

Stage 2 Drama-

At this stage of leadership, this is where there starts to be disagreement. Whether its coming from you or from each other. The team starts to defend their own ideas and the ideas of their close co-workers. At this time they start to build sub cultures and they want their ideas to compete for consideration. No one on the team has any focus on the vision but more so on each other. They are more concerned about winning an argument than to help the team win.

As a leader you must be in the middle of the mess. You must not pick and choose sides. You must keep be kind and them being kind and keep reinforcing teamwork and the vision. During this stage its is very important to implement strategy meetings, 1 on 1’s, team development meetings, etc…

The team as a whole and each individual both need extra attention from the leader to get out of this stage.

Most leaders CAN’T get their team past this stage and either become a fear based leader, or jump into firefighting leader mode. Teams can stay in this stage forever or can move past it quickly. It depends on leadership.

Stage 3 Develop-

In this stage your team starts to put the team’s vision above their own agenda. You start to see trust, respect, dialogue and fun start to surface. In this stage the momentum is being created. Be sure as a leader so celebrate wins and push for progress. Push for teamwork and vision. Allow the team to start working together and to make smaller decisions as a group. Keep your focus on team and continued development and progress.

Stage 4 Discover-

In this stage you have discovered and tapped into the team’s full potential. The team can function at a high level without a leader being present. This means they put the teams needs above their own. They know what the vision and strategy is and know how to problem solve as a team. As a leader you must continue to push personal development and act more as an advisor. Make sure you keep referring back to the vision if and when there is any doubt.

Any time something major happens to your team you will have to go through this process. Whether it’s you actually getting promoted to a leader or whether its you are getting a new employee on your team. Each of these examples will require you to start at the beginning and move forward. So your leadership will always be tested.

Keep a good eye on where your team is so you can know the necessary steps to help your team move forward.

If you go through this process you can achieve greatness as a leader and really help improve the lives of your team members. If you are looking for career advancement or just to help other people, this is the best process to help you accomplish that.

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