How To Overcome Your FEARS

I think everyone can relate to fear. Just as we are all given strengths and weaknesses, we all have our own personal fears.

Fears are created through your life experiences. We are not born with fear. Most fears are developed by negative self-talk, asking ourselves “what if the worst case scenario happened to me”. We end up repeating these questions and eventually create a personal fear. For example, we may ask ourselves what if on my way to work today I get in a wreck? If we ask ourselves this question over and over we eventually scare ourselves into the fear of driving to work.

Fear is different than danger, and our natural instinct to fear real danger is a good thing. That instinct can keep us alive. But unfortunately, most fears are nowhere near danger and often keep us from living a fulfilling life.

The majority of your fears, if you think about them for a second, pose you no harm and most of the time you have never actually had a bad experience with your fear. For example, when I go to the ocean, I get this fear that goes through my body. For some reason I am scared that I’m going to get attacked by a shark or that I could drown. I have never even encountered a shark and I am a great and cautious swimmer. How could I possible fear something I have never encountered?

Most likely it is because of stories and pictures that I have seen and heard in the past. Then I asked myself what if I encountered a shark. Over time you create a fear of the ocean.

The problem with this fear, is that it can keep you from enjoying life! In this case the ocean! Being in the ocean can be a fantastic experience, and most of us let fear keep us from living that fulfilled part of our lives.

Here are some things to help you overcome your fears.

Positive self-talk

The relationship that you have with yourself is SO important. Are we treating ourselves how we would treat the people we love? Are we cheering ourselves on and encouraging positivity?

We are always in our own head and our thoughts turn to action. If our thoughts are negative and fear based, then our actions and outward energies will be as well.

Train your brain to start being the coach of your life, act as if your cheering yourself on in life and the fear will start to fade away.

Be Grateful

Not only does being grateful change your life because it makes you appreciate what you do have rather than what you do not. But it leaves you with a sense of fulfillment. When you are fulfilled it is more difficult to focus on negativity and fear.


As scary as it sounds to practice what you fear, it is paramount to your progress in moving through your fear.

Confidence is the medicine for fear and confidence only comes with practice. Try putting yourself in the presence of fear and try pushing into it. Over time you will build up confidence and will finally be able to overcome it.

Image yourself being courageous and having no fear

One of the most powerful tools in your life is your mind. The reason you have fear is because of your mind and the reason you overcome fear is you mind. Imagine yourself being courageous and confident pushing though your fear. This will almost naturally give you a boost of confidence that can help you overcome your fear.

Distract your mind

This is just a helpful tip that can prevent your mind from building up fear. Most fears are created by letting your mind fester on negative fearful thoughts. When you start thinking about your fear, have things that will distract you. It can be anything from a movie, a walk or a going out with a friend.

This does not solve the problem, but it can be a remedy to extreme fears and anxiety. Try the best you can to not think or talk about your fears, this just lets them grow and become more real.

Breathe in and slow down

One of the reasons fears are so scary is because it can create a feeling that is backed by serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. When your body feels these chemicals released along with the fear, it makes it extremely real.

Practice breathing and slow down. First slow down your thoughts, speech and your breathing. When fear and anxiety start to come through our body it comes at us going 100 miles per hour. If you can slow down it can help remedy the fear/anxiety.

When breathing slowly, breath in for two second and out for four seconds. When you breathe out for four seconds it releases all the serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine from your body. Do this for at least five rounds while slowing down everything else. This should bring your feelings back to normal.

If you practice these techniques, I know you can overcome any fear that may currently be holding you back. Please leave your comments below on which techniques you tried and how they improved your life.

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